Touring the Ratbag Radio Network

Blogging:We're almost there ratbaggers...almost there. I've almost generated a new template for each site on the network and from there comes the fine tuning of the search these sites capacity. The way I've done it so far, for you to explore the archives is a real no no . as they are so large in way of kb. You'll be waiting big time while the achieve of each month loads. That's because I've put my various media items-- vids, audio, digital pics -- on the top page.

The way it's supposed to work -- hereon in -- is that this stuff is operational only on page two, so to speak -- when you click to Read more of this post! --you Go to...the real substance of the post.

So on the top page are teasers and summaries and one click away is the body of the post. And to find stuff -- rely on Tag/Guided Search: RRN.But if you want to review month by month through the achieve you'll only load up the beginner bits of each post.

The other operational protocol is that you should be able to access any part of the network -- the Ratbag Radio Network --from any of the sites on it .

If all this doesn't help you -- it certainly helps me.

It's a cognitive thing as I'm so computer dependent as I rely on the pc to format my thinking and orchestrate (as they say in academia) my narrative.

I am, of course, as it befits my magnanimous nature, open to any further suggestions you may wish to share with me.