Work Choices? Whats' that?

In a thread on the GreenLeft_discussion list there's been some talk about the Queensland elections just been.

WorkChoices wasn't a promotion from 'Team Beattie' during the cmapaign. In passing it was perhaps mentioned but this election was so determinedly dumbed down by the main protagonists it's a wonder any one remembered that a vote was expected at some stage over the 'issues'.

Qld is still VERY regional and in many ways insular so federal issues don't kick in so much.At stake was whether "Team Beattie" was to run the goodship QLD or the other crowd. The choice was obvious and really with such opponents that mustered for this campaign here a drover's dog could have won this election.

I think it the the most interesting result and the dullest election I've had to ponder. When you onsider how inept the administration of state assets had become -- this schemozzle seemed to hardly register as the electorate took Beattie at his word. Of course if things don't improve...

So this is the most extraordinary thing. Inasmuch as protest existed it was registered with the Greens vote rise. Of course the Greens were marginalised for the whole of the campaign in the media or what have you so that wasn't to plan

But no one in the capitalist swill wanted the Liberal National coalitionists. The Courier Mail basically went through coverage by numbers.

So Work Choices? What's that as far as this clubbed consensus was concerned? Why bring in any more politics than you have to?

This is a very conservative government -- in the activitysense I mean (as well as in platform but you'd expect that, at least I would if some Labor apologists doesn't.)

So the whole Labor thing on the east coast of Australia is very interesting as we have this triumphalist rightist deferred to by the electorate as the Liberal and Nat opposition quietly implodes. Of course at the federal level....its' another thing all together. The end result is that -- whatever some ALP members may say -- Australia today is being run by a partnership between the ALP states and the Coalition federally and what gets debated and fought over is formatted by the outlook of right wing Labor and right wing Coalition.

So you are sure to get heaps of spin.

That's how the debate is monopolised and how the debate is culled of items that both sides are keen to put aside. So why raise Work Choices in Qld when your polling from the day the election was declared tells you you don't have to hold government? That you will romp home no matter what happens.