The axis of Evo

Besides indulging in the occasional odd blog I also podcast. In fact it was through podcasting that I came  have linked up with other inhabitants of   cyberspace —like Polizeros Bob  who runs Politics in the Zeros where I now also blog. .

I got myself an LA franchise.(What's the threat they yell at you there?..."You'll never blog in this town again!"

Podcasting is also  a great networking tool and my fellow podcastor Warwick Fry — who works out of NimFM Community Radio here in Australia — runs LatinRadical . In the latest edition, Warwick showcases his new song on Bono — the man from the band U2 — who is sponsoring a game which offers a Venezuelan invasion scenario. Since Bono is touring Australia next month the local solidarity community was keen to mark his visit with protests. What better way than with a song?

Latin American solidarity activism has been big time here since the early seventies when Chileans arrived in exile. Even the current president of Chile  spent part of her exile here.

So while we may be a world away, like so many world wide, Australians are looking to Latin America for lessons and inspiration. So we get to know a lot here about Yankee imperialismo too.

I was also helping out a new blog that one of the leading activists here has instigated: Bolivia Rising. So if you are keen on “the axis of Evo” (that's  a joke) maybe you’ll appreciate the translations archived there from the original Spanish.
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