Blog editing options

I've been using Blogger as my blogging platform before Blogger got beta-ised and am staying with the freewheeling flexibility offered by the old template.

But after more than two years use across several blogs that I run concurrently I'm keen to improve my edit window interface.

Since I often publish the same post to more than one blog I appreciated the ease offered by Performancing(PFF:Perf on Firefox) -- a Firefox extension. Everything was going fine then PFF tripped over into temperamental mode and would so often refuse to read the Blogger atom feed so my posts would be jammed. I could post only average 3 times out of eight!

PFF assure me that this is a tech problem generated by the PFF/Blogger interface and maybe in future edition of Performancing and the change over in the Blogger feed setup( with beta protocols) -- this problem may be solved.

Now I use BlogThis! (a Blogger add on/hack)and if I am going to include images I either sign into Blogger to use the CREATE POST window or lay out my post on my
Wordpress account (which has a great interface) and copy and paste it to BlogThis! (or-- as I use now -- BlogThis!/TagThis! -- the FreshBlog tagging system)

But I could still do with an easier operation.

The blog editing feature offered by FLOCK (a browser in like mode to FireFox) isn't bad -- but I'd have to use FLOCK only for this blog editing feature as I am so hooked on Firefox.(And really the edit option isn't much better than BlogThis!)

I like editing on Worpress though -- that's the best editor by a long margin -- but I don't want to move to Wordpress because of its limitations in regard Flash and java and your limited access to the Blog Template.

So I often edit on Wordpress and copy and pate to BlogThis!

So I was thinking that maybe I was missing something? Are there other options I haven't explored?

Voila! I do this now on the Qumana Blog Editor

...and I'm impressed.It has all the bells and whistles and then some. It writes clean script without any bogey htnl being imported underneath.Easy tag insertion.(Although you still have to follow through with the actual tagging after posting). The edit window is big and has an easy feel. There's heaps of attributes on hand in and about the edit window.Amd it sits on my desktop. The BIG question is: will Blogger atom accept the post ..always!

Well, the proof of the pudding is in the eating...


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