Blog editing tools

To labour the point -- I've been using Qunama and it aint half bad. It freezes up occasionally (and that's why I say, "treat it kindly"). But I guess that's java all over? Half the fun with linking up with these exercises is that you become a guinea pig for its development -- and in the orbit of my web 2.0 activity I've signed on with a lot of such exercises.

Part of my interest is that I do have an audience I can share my discoveries with  them. But in regard to preferences this review of what tools people actually  use to post to their blogs is interesting. But I tell you yo; with a frequent post schedule across several blogs you want to snaffle any tool that can facilitate your blogging habituation.

In way of activity in my blogging  sphere: I'm working on a photoblog project  -- Images of Struggle -- (still very crude of course) and with Green Left Bloggers, we are fixing to shift to a launch pad site soon. At the upcoming Socialist Alliance conference we're scheduled a workshop on these platforms and their webified  kin.

I'm also trying to formulate a project I call SAM -- Socialist Alliance Media -- as a way to aggregate multi media content  and foster a collective of prone activists in that regard. In like mode I appreciate the aggressive use of video  by the membership of the Scottish Socialist Party. It's amazing how effective it is within the YouTube format. You may be more likely to watch a video than read a report or listen to a recording.

So we're all on the cusp as it were---