Bono's Creed of Greed

NimFM's Warwick Fry has created a song to mark Bono's(of the band U2) tour of Australia. Bono is hooked up with a war game whose scenario is an invasion of Venezuela. Read the background story here at NimFM

3.5Mb 96kps Stereo 5 Minutes
Bono's Creed of Greed- a pilot launch of one of several songs being generated around Bono's tour of Australia in November 2006. Politically and socially aware Australians are preparing a very warm, and politically controversial, welcome for the mega-pop-star of the Band U2. Bono is an active member of the board of a company (Pandemic) that develops war game simulations for the Pentagon to train its troops. One of the spin-offs is a game about to be released commercially to civilians, called Mercenaries II - World in Flames MORE>

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