The complete web mp3 listeners hack.

I've been involved in an exchange on a podcaster's list about ways to package segments of your podcast feed by using tags.

The first task is to create your tags, say on -- like this example for NimFm's LatinRadical podcast:
To make thsi hack work you need to link to the media not the post or page. to do that change the url from the post or page to the address of the Mp3 file. Then you process the tag feed created
through a service such as Feedburner.

But then Scott shared with the list this great hack:

Just in case this isn't too well-known: the media files you tag with can be turned into a real podcast feed (rss 2.0 w/
enclosures) by changing your URL above into this:
Adding the system:media:audio bit tells that the focus of the feed is the enclosed media file.

I have a podcast feed that I keep around to tag and manage random audio files that I find. It's much easier to remember to listen
to something if it's in my podcast queue than if it's a random audio file on my desktop.

I still run this through feedburner, though, because it helps me clean up the title and description and creates a more memorable URL.

It's interesting that a simple tool like this makes it easy for an end listener, not a content producer, to be so easily creating and shaping
their own feeds.
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