Doing audio : one year on

As far as I can make out -- given the state of my records--it was a year ago that I got into producing audio.I was fiddling with a  couple of approaches, but had more or less decided to settle on the Pirate Radio Network.  In fact, for a time, there I had my own "radio" station.

But Pirate Radio is a strange and complicated affair that presumes that you will be broadcasting 24 hours per day by running playlists through your computer. So one year ago --or there abouts -- I was doing this thing whereby I turned my computer into a broadcast source.I won't go into the technology except to note that it was complicated and involved. Pirate Radio

Very quickly over the following few months, I  discovered and  switched to podcasting, and this last year is a story about me finding my way. What a difference a year makes. I may not be a skilled broadcast engineer but I know stuff by dint of working at my chosen trade, with a certain intellectual rigor.

I have unfortunately been handicapped by much ill health over the past 10 months so that now, touch wood, I can really begin to do the sort of stuff I had  planned or at least hoped to do. That's how I want to mark the anniversary  with a mission statement:  better audio done more frequently. Have mic. Will travel.

I recommend the journey as it is a great adventure. Once I skill myself up some more I want to become a sort of Studs Terkel type with an outlook as much John Pilger as  Professor Ratbaggy. It can be done.

The challenge is just like writing -- you have to discover your voice. I don't think I have yet as I'm still in apprentice mode.

The great thing is that with podcasting acting as your reference point you get to explore the great and wonderful world of public radio. And since becoming both a podcaster and a podcast listener I have been enthralled by what my ears have harnessed. I now live in this existence which is formatted so much by a set of  earphones. It helps define my world. I explore the world  by listening to it.

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