Google Reader

Google Reader :I've become a feed junkie -- one who cannot subscribe to enough feeds to satiate themselves.

I had been a dedicated user of BlogBridge but last Thursday that reader's connectedness to its feed supply quietly died and it hasn't updated since.

No support from the originating developers / no helping hand. The thing just stopped doing what it was supposed to do.

This beak in transmission gave me a chance to critically assess what BlogBridge really offered and what annoyed me about the program. My major gripe is that it was slow to load and when it was fully functional you had to click on the post or article to read it on the web while you had to be ready with another click so that you could continue to browse your feeds without being forced to go to the web display for one out of many posts/articles you wanted to read.

BlogBridge's major handicap was that it was based on your desktop when its wares were engineered to be displayed on the web. So two programs had to work in congress.

So I'm junking it. I grabbed the opml (and BlogBriudege does great opml -- that's aggegation of feeds in the one file) and imported it into Google Reader. It took all of 30 seconds.

My cyber mate in LA, Bob Morriss, put me onto Google Reader . It's excellent and works seamlessly with my GMail account.

Now all I have to do is customize it. But if Google Reader doesn't suit I can still take my OPML elsewhere.

Have OPML. Will travel.