I draw the line at mauve gumboots.

Podcasting:This was my beginning -- playing broadcaster with the Pirate Radio Network. Fortunately podcasting came along. But I'm beginning to relate to the mobility and 'attitude' of this image. If I went up a few notches in headphones I reckon I'd be as cool as she.

[But I draw the line at mauve gumboots.]

The fact is that you need only carry about a tenth of this gear to get audio while out and about and the challenge is to hang it off you so that the setup is ergonomic. Usually my rig fits into a small digital camera case and when 'working' I wear my rig (out of its case)around my neck life a pendant.

But I need more practice -- capturing audio on the run. The trick is to know where your cables are at any one time. Cables are the ruling item...I find. Without them -- nothing really happens.

Cables being what they are--doing their cable-ly thing.
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