Is this in the too hard basket or what?

As I've been mulling over the question I'll bring you up to date:

  1. I was thinking that I'd move over to Wordpress as my bloogging platform as Blogger wa sgetting a bit beyond me of late. So I created an almost identical site there as the Ratbag Radio Network (there's not much original about me!)

  2. But I find out after pushing the envelope for a few hours that Wordpress won't handle Flash or java. Look around you...whether you know it or not there's heaps of that stuff on this blog and every other blog/podcast in this network. That's a drawback. You betcha.

  3. On the other hand Wordpress is a great word processing/blog editing platform that seems to be more stable than Blogger, so I 'm um-ming and ah-ing, and can't make up my mind.

  4. Sop I'm going to maybe resolve my dilemma with half measure resolution and put some of the network on Blogger and some of it on Wordpress. But the patent of Life of Riley may have to go.

  5. The fact is that Wordpress is a great blogging platform but as a podcast or multimedia tool its a bit hairy. So, Ratbaggers I'm going to sleep on this one as it's a too hard basket case for this time of night.