Just a short communique for Rabaggers

Podcasting: I've had a good sleep and am refreshed after working all hours on an audio edit. I have also decided to stay put with Blogger so I can keep all my bells and whistles.That means probably not one darn thing to you as users/consumers of the RRN wares -- but on my side of the web, backstage as it were, in the engine room, at the coal face, etcetera that means I'm a happy camper despite the issues I many have tech wise.

So bon appetit! Ratbaggers ... as my musical mentor, Al Jolson, was want to say: "You aint seen nuthin yet!"

Nuthin could be finer
Than to be in Carolina
In the mornin.
Nuthin could be sweeter
Than my sweetie when I meet her
At the dawnin...

[Post ends -- but maybe you miss my voice doing my Al Jolson impersonation? Well such musicality could be arranged...What you reckon?]