Palm Island: Qld Labor backs racist murderer

ITEM:"Clements found, in part: 'It is a terrible tragedy that such a minor incident could lead to a man's death in custody. Mulrunji cried out for help from the cell after being fatally injured, and no help came. The images from the cell videotape of Mulrunji, writhing in pain as he lay dying on the cell floor, were shocking and terribly distressing to anyone who sat through that portion of the evidence. The sounds from the cell surveillance tape are unlikely to be forgotten by anyone who was in court and heard the tape played … '

How do the Queensland police respond?

By its union trashing the judicial finding and the integrity of Christine Clements. At the same time the Police Commissioner, Bob Atkinson, decides there are no grounds for Hurley's suspension. Hurley remains on 'office duties' on the Gold Coast, where he was shifted from Palm Island after Mulrunji's death in November 2004, while the Premier, Peter Beattie, with one eye on the voters, supports his commissioner and the Queensland police force.

Why does authority glorify being so ugly?

In March last year, just after the inquest began its hearings, a Palm Island spokesman for Mulrunji's family, Brad Foster, told The Australian newspaper's Tony Koch: 'I ask a simple question. Just consider if a policeman and an Aborigine - or your son or father, for that matter - were involved in a scuffle at the entrance to the watch-house and they fell to the ground, and the Aboriginal man got up and walked away, leaving the policeman dead.

'How long do you think it would be before that Aboriginal man was charged? Do you believe he would have been immediately spirited away and protected from the media, given counselling and a safe house on the mainland, and then transferred to a pleasant job on the Gold Coast, constantly comforted by media statements by the Police Minister and the Police Commissioner? Of course"[-Alan Ramsay SMH:Read more>(You must!)