PodcastThis! is collectivized

Yesterday I related the story of how to use tagging to aggregate media items you can subscribe to.If this DIY is not to your liking, theres' another project I'm launching.

People send me audio  recommendations all the time and it is often a problem what to do with them. I sometimes link them to LeftCast but that's isn't always feasible.

However with a tool like PocastThis! I can really collectivize the process. If anyone wants to send me Mp3 audio recommendations I'll tag
them to PodcastThis! so that you can contribute to the feed's wares and subscribe to your own handiwork.

At the moment PodcastThis! is tagged using this directory on del.icio.us and the feed I've created from that is this one:
You can subscribe to that if you want.It will work fine.  But because it's a cumbersome url with no add-on  capabilities I've processed it
further on Feedburner to get this:
which if you click on it, it is both a feed AND a directory.

So this is the feed I suggest you use:
as I'll be adding bells and whistles to it.

Send me suggestions at your leisure and hey presto! I'll add them to this directory and feed and we'll both get to share the media more

When I get a chance I'll work this exercise up some more so that it has its own PodcastThis! site and directory. Maybe then I can look at
creating other specific category audio feeds in like manner; but for the moment let's settle with one. and see how far we can push the

(Push the envelope within the bounds of Creative Commons)

In case people are bemused by what I am referencing: I'm talking about podcasting and I'm talking about subscribing to audio which is what a
podcast is: audio you can subscribe to.

But to do this you need a tool -- a podcatcher program. I use and prefer FireAnt  but a great beginner program is Juice

But iTunes --which we've all heard about, of course, is a podcatcher  program too.  I can't stand iTunes but you are welcome to it if you must. All of these programs are free and all of them  will automatically download media; all of them will allow you to sync/transfer your media to your  mp3 player.(eg: iRiver, Creative, iPod, etc)

At the moment, primarily due to Norm Dixon's recommendations, PodcastThis! is carrying a lot of material on US Afro American
politics but who knows what other stuff is out there that you can find and share?

Let's find it, podcast it and stick it in our ears.