After spending a bit of time exploring my tagging for podcasting options I thought I'd begin my own podcast channel which aggregated audio content from around the web. I'd do this by tagging on del.icio.us each item of mp3 audio I wanted to later listen to with the tag PodcastThis!
The link tagged has to be the mp3 file not the page or post url.

PodcastThis! is a label of my own invention. This created the RSS feed:
on the delicious page:

So I took that RSS feed and added the system:media:audio+ and got this podcastable url
which I imported into my podcatcher program...and Voila! I've got myself my very own customized audio channel. which you can also subscribe to.

PodcastThis! is born. You may listen to JJJ, ABC National or the Macquarie Broadcasting Network but from now on you have this new option: create your own station or listen to mine.

PodcastThis! will be available for everyday easy listening by accessing the url/feed which henceforth will live in the side bar.

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