Proud to be Cuba’s friend Media release Monday, October 16, 2006

“ACT Liberal Senator Gary Humphries’ attack on friends of Cuba of in a Senate adjournment speech on October 10 is an ominous reversion to McCarthy-era red-baiting and intimidation”, warned Peter Boyle, the National Secretary of the Democratic Socialist Perspective, one of the groups attacked.

“The DSP is proud of its support for the Cuban Revolution.

“Cuba’s free public health and education system is a positive contrast to the sustained attacks by the Howard government on public health and education in Australia.

“Cuba’s solidarity-based foreign policy – with thousands of doctors serving around the world, including in neighbouring East Timor – is the polar opposite of Australia’s imperialist bullying in the South Pacific and its criminal participation in the bloody US-led wars of occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.”

This latest red-baiting attack is clearly part of the Howard government’s war on trade unions, Boyle added, and should be condemned by all supporters of democracy and civil rights.

Senator Humphries said:

“It appears that Castro's cheer squad in Australia is not limited to the Democratic Socialist Party, or DSP, and its youth wing, Resistance. An article on 26 July this year in the DSP's newspaper Green Left Weekly reported that a Cuban parliamentarian, Ms Gilda Chacon, was touring Australia with the 'support of a number of unions, in particular the Construction Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU)'. According to the article, it was the Western Australian branch of the CFMEU that sponsored this trip which was basically a public relations excursion on behalf of the Castro dictatorship.”

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