Qumana does it!

I have to get some blogging in -- practice sessions ahead of the time I have to blog with real intent --say when I really have something to say.

This occasion is an exercise -- #2 -- using Qumana. I've been fiddling with it while checking out any reviews I can find on the web. So I guess its a swap -- in their estimation, these reviewers -- between BlogJet which you pay for and <a href="> Qumana which is free.

What I'm really interested in is whether it works with Blogger in the way Performancing doesn't. So it's wait and see/ post and see.

There's a good discussion about this program's attributes  here.--more relevant and engaged than others  I've found. Check it out. But really you need to download the thing and see for yourself.as I am doing.

That's what I did.