The Ratbag Radio Network Workshop

The Ratbag Radio Network Workshop is an extension of the Ta Da list options I was referring to in an earlier post. I said I made a list of TO DO items for the Ratbag Radio Network.

I had been using Ta Da for some time as a personal (& private) organiser so I decided to go public with a shareable list. This is the sort of Web 2.0 stuff I get a kick out of.

But after taking to you lot here I thought I'd reformat my other pages , so I did the following:
  • I rejigged my RRN FAQ info pages at ForumPlace. I've had these for some time as the setup there allows me to offer HTML script without the script being taken up as rich text or what have you. After I had started these pages there the site had been over-run -- as a discussional forum open to the world --with spam, so I've locked it and archive only reference material.I now use it to harness FAQ for some of the group blogs I run. You'll find a playscript there too.
  • But after fiddling with Ta Da and creating this list of things to do I signed on with Ta Da's sister enterprise:Backpack --and I like it indeed. This is list making with widgets and I've only just begun to harness its attributes.
  • So with a fresh (& free) Backpack account I've created the Ratbag Radio Network Workshop which I will share with the ratbag reading and listening community. So take a trip there, now, and see what's on offer (I'll wait while you browser off -- but come back as I have a more to say).
  • Ratbag Radio Network Workshop solves a lot of issues I had been considering for some time about how to present my notes on the web in accessible form.So this site is the nucleus of my future 'workshop' and 'studio' where I'll layer snippets of what I think is shareable and relevant information.
  • The styling will develop over time but the idea I have in mind -- the concept -- is a good one.My initial impulse is to use it as a resource fro would be podcasters and as a means to foster recording of events, commentaries, interviews and the like.What you see on the workshop page now is an outline of my recording rig as I it is (the Sony mic and the iRiver) and as it will become(plus the Hi MD and the Visivox mic). No bells and whistles them's me tools.
  • When you go to the bottom of that top page or to the first list you can access my Recording DIY Notes.These site will be linked to in the margin of all RRN blogs and podcasts
So that's what I've been up to in way of formatting my lists.: I've really gone list crazy.