Still more on Qumana

I have been writing my posts in Qumana all of the last 14 hours.If you treat it with respect it does right by you. So don't get too smart or recklessly impatient.

It has a kick arse spellchecker with an optional shift to languages other than English! The funny widget -- the Drop Pad -- has to be experienced on your desk top to be believed. Its' like a zeppelin that floats over your work ready to snaffle up copy or cut material for later  blog posting regardless of the program you are using it on or off the web. It offers tag attribution (although only on technocrati --but I want to change that). I can cross post so very easily and I can edit past posts in the edit window without having to go anywhere to retrieve the material to edit.

And the script is clean so I can add my customized bits and pieces without much concern that they will be altered on me by the program.

Because its easy to add a blog to the edit offerings I can edit my posts for Blogger or Blogger in beta ...or on Wordpress if I had the want.

So I'm a Qumana person I guess for the mo unless I am forced otherwise. My only annoyance is that I cannot use the tag attribute to tag i with my RawSugar directory--so I'm waiting on some info about how to orchestrate such a hack.