Tag along

I'm new to the world of tags; and the world of tags and tagging is very large indeed.

A tag is a keyword or term used to classify content by means of a folksonomy. Tags are usually chosen informally and personally by the author/creator of the item — i.e. not usually as part of some formally defined classification scheme.

It's a hard call to comprehend all the how to and the why fors that are part of "folksonomy" . One man's tag is another man's....what?
But I tag. I go with the flow:

While I tag the Ratbag Radio Network on RawSugar , I tag my other bits and pieces on  del.icio.us.
But my del.icio.us tags are also aggregated on my second RawSugar account anyway so they are both here and there.
Since my blog editor Qumana has a tagging option I use that to tag my posts -- but that optionally tags only to Technorati. So I've got myself an account there too.

This may seem all very well, even if somewhat over done -- but then, why am I tagging? Because I can? Well, I think it's supposed to be to your advantage -- so you can find stuff if you had a mind to look. I lose stuff so I guess I can find it again by chasing down my own tags (something like Hanzel and Gretal's breadcrumbs). The other rationale is that tagging is a way to promote your blogging existence on the web.

OK. I'm tagged all over cyberspace. Lets assume that. But what appeals to me about the way tags tag is that they throw up RSS feeds and RSS feeds can be very powerful ways to aggregate stuff. What that means is that I can subscribe to my own tags -- or you can subscribe to mine -- such that whenever I tag something you can subscribe to my list of that some thing.

Heres' my list for "blogging" on RawSugar,..and here is the same tag aggregated  on del.icio.us. And here is "blogging" on Technorati. I don't know if that actually improves your condition in life -- but there you go. Do with that what you will. Note that these tags also offer a feed which I can/you could subscribe to with a NewsReader. 

But I guess the real power is the whole show: what about the value of the tag "blogging" when it has been chosen by thousands of other people. Maybe that aggregation of "blogging" has a lot going for it in way of information that you or I may seek to use. It's like Google-ing without the crap to sift through.

So we learn that on Technorati 880,308 posts tagged "blogging" in English. On RawSugar, 102,094 have. And on del.icio.us, 88,249. If I Google "blogging" I am offered an option of 111,000,000! So I guess I may be ahead if I focused my search on the lower numbers offered by the tag directories.The other advantage with the tag option is that I can combine tags such as "blogging" and, say, "platforms" or "blogging" + "editors"....

Anyway, I've said my piece. I'll now hand this post over to the tags:(click 'em and see what gives)

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