There's gonna be some changes made

You may note some changes within this particular blogging environment as I retool and quicken the pace. This is perhaps akin to what Niles Eldridge and Stephen Jay Gould called punctuated equilibrium --as this, Ratbaggers, is an evolutionary thing.

By "this" I mean all this fiddle in way of blog presentation. Please note the cute hack at the end of this post offering you the Ratbag Literate Reader the ready access to the core informational gems I am about to impart. (Oops! There you go! You almost missed one!)

I may do a bit more at the interface tonight before retiring but if truth were known I've been caught up today writing articles for Green Left Weekly and on the morrow I put my chef's hat on and cook up a storm for tomorrow night's Green Left dinner. I hope to share with you at my Cookbook pages the RECIPES I will follow in this venture.I do a pretty mean Mezze table

I have had this occasional urge to write my own cookbook but as you see I have dealt with this by opting for a cook book blog. [Hey! what a title! 'Tis poetic: cook + book + blog.] If you are wondering what cooking has to do with podcasting and politics and sundry other activities partaken here...if you are wondering that...My answer is everything.

Remember this:First the belly -- then morality.
Quote by Berthold Brecht from The Threepenny Opera. Said by both Macheath and Jenny in the ballad "Wovon lebt der Mensch".It is kind of hard to translate into English, I'd simply say "First food, then morals". It expresses Brecht's insight that there are situations where one simply cannot afford to act morally. See also Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. [Source]

A few variations perhaps may serve as illustrations: "First we eat. Then we blog". Or in way of a lateral shift we could also apply the Napoleonic phrase:"A army marches on its stomach."

You get my drift?

My point is that despite any number of distractions I am advancing along a line of march that has your blog reading interests at heat.Trust me. But I gotta do this core stuff en route.

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