We're appreciated in LA

As well as blogging within the confines of these four cyberspace walls I also blog at the Los Angeles based Politics in the Zeros. But I am an avid reader of The Sappho Manifesto: which is based in the home town of the Terminator -- at least on earth.

In this quote below Sappho is too kind. But as I have mentioned unconditionally before: go learn off her if perchance you were thinking of going webside with blogging in mind. As Che Guevera once said(to me actually when we were fighting Bastista's troops in the Sierra Madre*) : " Create two, three, many Sapphoes..."
The Sappho Manifesto: 5 Things Feminism Has Taught Me::Sidenote: Totally off subject, but, I would like to thank the great writer, blogger, & podcaster, Dave Riley, for the ever-flattering review & link to The Sappho Manifesto over at his blog 'Life of Riley', which also appeared in Yahoo's 'Green Left Discussion'--Welcome all who are stopping in from there! He wrote, " Go visit The Sappho Manifesto for an example of great left blogging. I think her's is one of the best blogs on the left. It's totally in the pocket without an ounce of wankerism. Sappho sets the benchmark as does Eli Stephens of Left I." Be sure to check out Dave's sites, & take a listen to his podcasts--you'll learn something!
* I was eleven at the time.(That's a hint.)
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