What the life of Riley eats

Well, you know, I like to eat and I guess I've got the midriff bulge to prove it.

I used to collect recipe books as I followed a passion to cook. But now that the web is also culinary you can get any recipe from cyberspace. You need only search Google with "recipe" and your preferred menu to get a range of DIY cooking options.

So I was eating my lunch just now --and I eat soup noodles at that meal day in day out (I blogged about this passion here: Doing lunch: instant noodles -- ...When I thought, maybe I should start to aggregate my major passions food wise and recipe wise? (I asked myself, you see, as this is an internal monologue.)

I also do work for big campaign dinners and I have also , I am very proud to say, catered for funerals. Wakes are a special interest.

And I'm so often asked for the recipe for this or that.

So why not, says I (to myself socce voce ) a food blog! Why not indeed. An archive of my favorites arranged by category and key ingredient.

So I guess I will launch forth primarily in the first instance with a focus on mussels , followed in short order by one on squid. I've become dedicated to mussels because I love the local black variety so much and these have only now becoming available in a value for money live format.

So mussels it is --and en route I'll share some of my preferences in regard to salsas as that's what I have to prepare for a big dinner here this Saturday night for Green Left Weekly.[I learnt so much about catering by doing GLW dinners. My son, dear boy, has now decided to become a chef and I feel so proud of that orientation. As Bertolt Brecht wrote: "First the belly, then morality."]

So, you're now in the know: the life of Riley is sustained by what the life of Riley eats.