ALP's election chances...

ALP's election chances

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"America has a bush, we have a bonsai" David Kosh (Bastion of conservitive family values, anchor of 7's Good Morning Australia and contender as televisions answer to Allan Jones)
LOR SAYS:Good point. I thought it quite significant that on the night we bid The Glasshouse goodbye and then Corinne Grant and Dave Hughes anchor todays' mass rallies from the MCG. And they say that the Glasshouse wasn't axed for political reasons...!

What a better, "up yours!"

The funny thing today was that Dave Hughes seemed to find it very uncomfortable to be serious about worker rights. I think he is a superb comic but today at the MCG he seemed a touch phased by his role.

But Davd Kosh was interesting -- as were a few of the Glasshouse's other guests last night--as they all bemoaned Howard's Aussie values push and the collapse of muticulturalism. With today's events & videos in mind (even bloody Bernie Fraser!)I'm getting the impression that Labor may be able to mount a sort of "it's time" campaign as it did in 1972 as more and more celebrities sign up to drub Howard. And an advertising campaign paid for by --guess who? -- the trade unions.

Even today's singing of the National Anthen by Casey Donovan was a brilliant re-packaging of the sort of nationalism the ALP (and the ACTU)wants us to sign us up for -- one minus Howard and with a pinch of tolerance to cover the harsh racist reality -- & enough jingoism not to make the fortress Australia zenophobes in the working class too uncomfortable.

So roll together Koori background (Australian Idol winner) Casey Donovan with Jimmy Barnes (Brit migrant stock from Sth Australia's Elizabeth) singing up class, Daddy Cool lending Eagle Rock to the ACTU for its WorkChoices clips, Bernie Fraser, all the many church spokespeople already lined up...etc...and I get a sense of a major potential to foster some groundswell for this electoral push without having to go anywhere near the street or onto the grass as far as the ACTU/ALP alliance is concerned.

That in fact when you text in your details to the ACTU you're REALLY signing up for an elect Labor campaign...making up for any shortfall in thinning party ranks.

Roll the three uranium mines policy in April at the national ALP confest; tell the ranks OK you may not like it but you have to stay in and fight because its all about Work Choices -- and I see a massive almost overpowering capacity for the ALP to drive a bullying consensus around the one platform plank: Work Choices(as they did with the Accord 25 years ago). The Iraq war is going to even worse for Howard by the time we get to the polls...and maybe all he can play is another race card in some form.

So all that needs to be done is dump Beazeley--as Bill Hayden was dumped in the lead up to 1983 -- and orchestrate a new promise engineered around the scheme that now is not the time to rock the boat, comrade.

In fact thats' always how the ALP proceeds in the lead up to a poll: put up with it, or else!

Thats' what I'm sniffin' in the wind: the push to really get serious about electing Labor was launched today. Even Greg Combet's Hawke lecture last week lecture was grist for the mill.

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