Australian Idol-ation for the nation...

I've been hooked on Australian Idol this time around. The last series was a touch mechanical I thought, but this year there has been a lot of cause for interest, especially now that Jessica Mauboy and Damien Leith. Jessica's overwhelmingly personality and Damien voice make it a hard call. Some of Damien's peformances havc reduced me to tears so I guess like a million others, I take my Idol seriously.

But the cultural stalking horse being fostered my John Howard (and me too-ed by the ALP) is stalking even Idol. Heres' an example:
Source:Now it's down to the final four, more and more racist comments are popping up against the idols. ..But if you're going to talk about Dean and Damien (the main ones being targeted) not being Australian, take a look at Chris's last name.... Murphy... not Australian either? And Jess has Indonesian blood in her. Australia is a multi-cultural society, and these final four of this competition prove it. None of them have complete Australian heritage, apart from Aboriginal people, no one can property claim being Australian then if you want to get completely technical.So just lay off them and DEAL WITH IT. It's rude and shows how small a person you are, if you cannot accept someone with an accent wanting to make Australia their home, live here, raise their children here, where we WELCOME people of different cultures. It's what makes Australia Australia.

These exchanges on Idol chat rooms often get taken up in the daily press but I find them a great resource in way of monitoring the political demographics of the population. Mind you I don't troll these chat rooms either -- but after the two crossed the line last night we were very happy in maison Riley.

So what do these people say about Marcia Hines*? Hardly a person who looks like the iconic Aussie...But Idol because of its gross democracy does reflect a lot of what is happening out there in way of culture and attitudes and this little snippet of debate does show that the zenophobia that the main parties are trying to instil in us, isn't triumphant yet --at least among the young who don;t do talk back.

But if you are ever offered an evening of television to watch Damien sing and Jessica sing and be so utterly radiant ...take it.

* Trivia: Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell is Marcia Hines' cousin