Funtwist D-Chord 240

seanfitz --MP3players: Maybe you don't know it but the very main hassle in podcasting is finding a podcast recording device. Me, I don't like recording on a computer. I want live out-and-about sound which I can later upload to the computer and edit willy nilly.

Funtwist 240Collective wisdom has it that the best resource for the price is -- or rather was -- the iRiver IFP-700 Series; and I happen to own an ifp 795. And it's great little recorder with line-in plug in microphone power and other attributes which make it a handy contraption to have around. But recently I had to record a lot of audio and the ifp 700 uses software that is really temperamental and these devices won't upload to just any computer. No No No. They won't even always upload to mine. But I get around that...*

Anyway I'm not being a consumer watchdog in regard to these because they aren't made any more and there's no Mp3 player which also records that can come near them. But word on the street has it that the Funtwist D-Chord 240 (made in Taiwan/ iRiver is Korean) offers many of the same attributes and, as it turns out ,at a much lower price.

If you click on that Funtwist link you'll see that it retails for $AUD 99.95 and you can get it for even cheaper. If you check out its full attributes here, you get a lot of cowbell for the price. If you review the full range of Funtwist mp3 players their attributes are very impressive indeed. I don't own a Funtwist nor have I had one in my hand and unfortunately the device seems limited to cyberspace sales (and then primarily within the world wide web that covers Australia)-- but the Funtwist may warrant checking out.

Check it out with these tasks in mind:

  • record direct to mp3 format and simply upload the audio to your computer for sharing or podcasting

  • plug in a microphone to record interviews, phone calls(see my note on tele-recording here) or talks

  • use it for journalism, education, interviews, podcasting, soundtours and 'fun'

On these points I am waiting on some further input. So check back and I will run with addendums and appendices as potentially this rig may be a boon to the sort of audio I'm trying to get people to record the way I'm suggesting it can be done.

*I umm'ed and ah'ed about purchasing another iRiver ifp but decided against it and secured a Sony Hi MD minis disc recorder instead. Review its attributes here. I also downloaded the latest 4.4 version of the Sonic Stage software to upload audio and convert it for pc use. It's one click and then another: done. I'm impressed even though a long thread on the podcaster's list raged against my choice. Read it HERE. and the mini disc partisans HERE. There's rampant bias afoot you see.

cNOTE: The Funtwist unfortunately does not offer plug &play and the line in may not take a mic without poreamping. But if its anything like other Mp3 models the sound will be so low, you'll have to boost it up in post edit.

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