Google Reader for y'all

Google Reader :
I thought I'd urge one of those folk I've been mentoring to sign up with Google Reader as it's a great newsreader -- ie: a program that reads feeds, and "feeds" are subscriptions to sites from which your "reader" reads the headings. Really yopu have to do it to comprehend it.>>

Anyway I'm saying sign up with G reader when I realized I can also share my own subscriptions because they are living on the web at this address (on Ratbag Radio's own wiki spaces)

To import all of my own personal subscriptions into your reader you download the file at that address and import it into your reader. Some readers will even accept the url as a reference -- but Google Reader won't.

The other attribute I'm keen to share is that you can also import any Ratbag Radio Network audio directly into your blog if you are on Wordpress or Blogger in beta. The RRN audio archive is on ODEO and if you sign on with Odeo you can one click import the audio into your blog using their BlogThis! option.

And don't forget you can also embed any of the RRN's snazzy flash players into your blog or website too.

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