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You know how you sometimes wonder what you are missing out on? That maybe, just maybe, there is more to life than you are currently offered? Well I'm sure I've found the gap: what you lack is your own Hipster PDA.

I assure you this is an excellent joke that makes sense. It's about what Mr McCawber told David Copperfield,"Once heard make a note of." Yep. It's note taking -- but not just any notation . No No No. It's note taking on 3"x5" file cards. And its a whole ideology unto itself --as much as GTD is.
" Yeah, so I went to school for computers. I do live online. And yet I have never found a task management solution that works better than this stack of 3x5 cards."
So I'm intrigued. What's with the paper and pen? I was playing around with GTDGmail when I kept being referred to the PDA -- and around "GTD" and "PDA" theres' a whole web universe of acolytes!

I'm not going to expound on the wherewithall of Hipster PDAing for Dummies -- thats' your task, an element of your own your GTD. But I assure you, a thrill awaits you as your begin your PDA quest.

My habit nonetheless has not been so much ruled by by GTD but by the anacronym , WITBD. Being primed for life at a Catholic primary school we were taught by the nuns to put atop our exercise book pages the letters AMDG ('all my work for the love of god") or JMJ ("Jesus, Mary & Joseph") . Later when I embraced the politcially radical persuasion I always headed my own To Do list with WITBD which I took from Vladamir Lenin's 1902 pamphlet, What is to be Done? . I enjoy such ironies. So now, being ahead of the pack , I am being asked to deal with this GTD upstart.

And I say to the GTD community out there both on and off line: I'm sticking with my own WITBD copyright and will 'organize' accordingly .

Thus I say unto you:
  • Get yourself into GTDMail
  • Get yourself a stack of three by fives
  • Use the anacronym WITBD atop each one of them
  • Get organised
  • Go read Lenin

As Joe Hill, the Wobblies balladeer, advised us:
And standing there as big as life
and smiling with his eyes.
Says Joe "What they can never kill
went on to organize,
went on to organize"

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