How I'm blogging and Web 2.0'ing Not being one to let the grass grow under my feet I have shared with you afore some of my blogging issues. I had oft remarked that much as I liked the Performancing blog editing platform it suffered from the handicap that it more often that not refused to work with Blogger blogs --and thsi dear readers is a Blogger blog. And I knows and loves me Blogger.

So I went looking elsewhere and had been using Qumana as my edit preference. The problem with this option is that Qumana kept freezing up and had a confusing interface if you snuck below the Rich Text to do some repair work.

You see I sometimes post the same post as a podcast across a few blogs so I like to have a tool that allows me to do that quickly, conveniently and correctly. While Qumana promised that, it doesn't deliver so I started to fall back on a BlogThis! bookmarklet option. I was even writing some of my posts on Wordpress --another blogging platform in competition with Blogger --and copying them and pasting them into the BlogThis! window.

But then I heard that Performancing had a new version on offer which -- says its author/programmers -- reputedly had overcome the bugs in regard to Blogger blogs. So I downloaded that to my browser and thats' where I'm at.

I am in fact writing this post inside Performancing but whether I actually post to Blogger that way is another question to resolve shortly. Already there have been issues between Blogger and Performancing. They aren't getting on at all --at least for those like me who haven't crossed over to Blogger in beta.

But I have my own "hack". While I utilize BlogThis! to create the vehicle that will carry my thoughts to Blogger, I actually write the post in Performancing and copy and paste it into BlogThis! before I send/publish it.

A big part of the problem at the moment is that Blogger peoples are playing around with the platform as they tool up Blogger in beta for full release, so the network is in anarchy much of the time and you don't know if the problems you experience are your own doing or theirs. But since I've also hacked BlogThis! so that it works as TagThis! too I'm happy that I can tag (to my preferred tagging directory)and post at the same time.
POSTSCRIPT: And just as I feared: Performancing posted my post as a DRAFT only! So I had to enter Blogger to repost it!

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