Newspapers: Falling circulation

Just on falling circulation for print media. Here are the top 25 daily newspapers in the U.S. by circulation (with percent change) for the six-month period ending September 2006.The fall is self evident and general.

Also note this article:AUSTRALIA: Online readership surges as more people read all about it. Major media news outlets' websites have enjoyed strong growth while total newspaper circulation declines.

While these figures are interesting in themselves they also reflect a shift in how the advertising dollar is being spent/earnt today.

Thats' not the full sorry of course because people are going to the online version of these same newspapers for their news intake as articles in GLW have pointed out.

So the sort of liberalisation and overthrow of cross media ownership restrictions is being driven by this phenomenon as this push is being
orchestrated here and in the US especially. The irony is that the 'alternative media ' can pick up a larger niche on the web than it can in standalone mode in the real hard copy world...and GLW has its web niche, obviously and its hit figures, become quite decent.

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