PodcastThis! -- Tweaking it!

PodcastThis! : Ratbag Radio Network
I have now had the opportunity to explore this method I've been employing with PodcastThis!. To refresh your memory, I'd used del.icio.us tags to create a podcast feed from selected audio across the web.

It's very neat and works fine but there is one drawback and that is that you have to link to the mp3 file -- rather than the web page or post --to make the tag work like that. OK fine, you are perhaps thinking, so whats' the problem? It works.

But when you link like that to the mp3 file you cut the podcast away from the show notes and audio source so that there is no credentialling or show notes. All you really get is the audio link and a few short unformatted notes.

So I was pondering this unponderable when it occurred to me that I can do better by the originators of the audio by employing Bloggers BlogThis! option.

By this time I'd created a blog to house my PodcastThis! activity and since I had the blog and was archiving the tagged audio via a feed to html script it dawned on me that Blogger also offers "Show Link Field" attributes when you create the blog post header/title. You just need to activate it. So when you blog with BlogThis! it is done automatically so that your post heading is also a link to the originating site.

So all you then have to do it add the url for the mp3 file in the body of the post, and as much or as little of the text you want...and bingo! you've got many more bells and whistles than what del.icio.us can offer. It's as easy as tagging to del.icio.us and it's better in regard to the core principles of Creative Commons.

Well I think it is -- and will henceforth proceed under that assumption. So check out PodcastThis as I move hither aggregating my own audio fancies and other peoples' suggestions.

When I get it tweaked so, I'll move the present feed --generated in del.ico.us over to one created in Blogger.

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