Still more on the Hipster PDA

Much as I like projects, the search for my very own customized version of the Hipster PDA continues. This quest is becoming obsessive. I am quite empirical in everyday life and totally believe in the adage, "the proof of the pudding is in the eating." That dear readers is my absolute, my deity, my mentor, my very (you know my whatchermacallit) being. >>

The great joy offered to those like myself who seek out the Hipster PDA in order to partake of its pristine GTD essence is that we aspire to create, cohabitat and put to work the ULTIMATE POCKET NOTEBOOK. We know that a state of occupational bliss may indeed be possible if whither thou goest thou always carries close to one's heart -- in one's breast pocket -- one's own Parietal Disgorgement Aid(PDA) -- even if the term "hipster" suggests another occupational location.

So I have portaged the Hipster PDA these last few days out and about in mixed company and can report the following :
  • 'tis always on hand
  • 'tis comfortable to rest the 3"x5" portrait size PDA in one's left hand while scribbling down one's spontaneous cognitions with the other
  • 'tis lightweight and doesn't profile one's left musculus pectoralis as though it is fixing to breast feed
  • 'tis easy to write upon as my design has allowed for plenty of firm backing
The story so far is this: (1) I bought some 3"x 5" blank index cards and a box of spring paper clips; (2) I cut up to the same shape some old plastic notebook covers...(3) and when I combined all these elements with a pen I had my very own Hipster PDA.

However, since I am prone to occasional bouts of muscular stiffness I found the spring clip that bound the Hipster PDA assemblage difficult to clip and un-clip during each working session. It was also cumbersome to sort through the index cards as to flip through them often meant that you had to re-align the sequence. There was always the threat that I in my clumsiness would drop a card or two.

So I went through my favorite Hipster PDA references -- now given their own accreditation --and after much umming and ah-ing have made the shift to the one ring version. Now my PDA is held together by a ring in the top left hand corner and my cards have been hole punched at the appropriate corner location.

Fortunately when I went rummaging in my domestic drawers for a ring I came upon a old key holder which was square at one end, curved at the other, with screw-down-locking mechanism in between. This now holds my covers, a separator and about 25 cards snugly.

Now I can get around the Hipster PDA by quickly flipping through the cards. I think I'll add some hair elastic to strap the PDA for pocketing and to bind a pen to the setup.

Whatever other improvements I may make is sure to be inspired by a singular attention to detail as explored here. However, dear readers, bare with me as I fight off the penchant to make something so simple and so DIY, complicated.