A tribute to activism - come to celebrate with Phil Perrier Sun Nov 26

Dear friends

A great comrade and person, long time socialist, activist, union campaigner, rabble-rouser, cartoonist and humourist Phil Perrier, is sadly terminally ill. >>

But in his usual spirit of solidarity, Phil, knowing his time is limited, would like to see all those whom he has campaigned with, shared stories, struggles, camaraderie and friendship.

So everyone is invited along to celebrate a life of activism with Phil:

When? This Sunday, November 26, from 12noon
Where? Ahimsa House, 26 Horan St, West End, Brisbane
What? Phil's cartoons on display, pictures from the various struggles that Phil fought in, drinks and food available, music performances and toasts
Who? All Phil's friends, comrades, fellow activists, friends of friends, you are all welcome, Phil is inviting you all!

If you know of any musicians or other performers who would be happy to share some songs etc on the afternoon - or simply to get any further info - please contact Bernie 0437 439 754 or Paul 0410 629 088.