Wiki wiki wack woo...too

RatbagRadio's wiki space: This isn't the only wiki I own but wikispaces is very easy to use. So, you know me, I always say that the proof of the pudding is in the eating --so I got myslef a wiki space and am trying it out in true Web 2.0 style. If you know of other wiki platforms I should explore please tell me as I'm doing this with some other political stakeholders in mind.

But for sharing documents -- perish the thought about all this email attachment bizo -- do it by wiki-ing the files. They go up and at the other end the person there can decide whether they want to bring them down. Horses for courses.

All I have to do now is consolidate these other experiments with my blogging and podcasting presence. At a web workshop at the recent Socialist Alliance conference this was the direction some participants were keen to take us. But the problem is the knowledge and confidence gap such that it is so difficult to explain what a layer of people have no experience of. So there's a learning curve that may not be negotiated and would take some time to master if it was.

So as much as I do -- I can show by doing.

Anyway there's a great widget offered with wikispaces & it is the wikipaces badge which you'll find toward of the bottom of my right margin: it's a table headed 'ratbagradio wikispaces' and connects this blog directly to that wiki. Also, when I'm set up, I can orchestrate direct posting between this blog and the wiki; and the wiki and this blog. I don't know how useful that is but there you go: I can archive key stuff on the one place like I've started to do at the RatbagRadioNetwork's Audio Workshop & Studio DIY. I'm also going to write a audio/podcasting syllabus/tutorial at LearnHub.

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