The Zen of GTDGmail

GTDGmail - The Firefox Extension that Combines Gmail with Getting Things Done

If you haven't as yet adapted Gmail to your web lifestyle then maybe it's time you signed up . Just for the sake of having a taste. It's one very powerful tool that changes the nature of email and the web for good. And while you're at it you may as well add on Google Talk to see what planetary journey it may offer you.>>

Assuming you're into Gmail and that's your preferred email interface -- if you're using Firefox as a browser then you should give GTDGmail a try. I say this because it isn't easy to comprehend what GTDGmail offers the emailer. At first GTDGmail seems overly orchestrated and too much in love with its own widgetry. But if you take the time, especially since the latest update and follow the DIY the logic may kick in --as it did for me only this week.

I erred you see in installing it without taking the time to explore how it all worked so I was desultory in its usage. The main thing to understand is that the process --and GTDGmail is all about process -- pivots on the key attributes of the task roots offered by the letters "S:" "C:" and "R:" -- miss that and you miss the pristine and very simple logic of the exercise. Know those roots and default all email that arrives with the "S:Action" and you'll be Getting Things Done soon enough.

Its' main developer, Andy Mitchell, as I recall at some web moment, likened GTD to a Zen like exercise -- but don't quote me on that. I will instead suggest that it has a pristine simplicity that, egads! makes the most complex multi task list do-able: Getting Things Done. And really what more could you ask for?

So install your GTDGmail and put in the time to create the labels. Then take your next batch of downloaded email for a spin and enjoy the seeming expert management the GTDGmail offers.

I've been a major fiddler with various to do lists for years now and on the web I've signed on with various wiki like interfaces to package my very best of intentions. But really a lot of the time I was making lists about lists in the same way you can get caught up in meetings about meetings. So now that I can basically import all that indulgent listing into my Gmail emailer I combine my intention with a lot of the execution which is on hand in the same platform. A problem with a lot of the wiki lists is that they presume sharing and most of what I want to do day to day isn't about that at all as I'm the only one who can do it.

So I had to accept my own Zen alone-ness. Essentially: It's me and the task, me and the task, me and the task...the task and I.

Wow! Ain't that heavy?

But let's just say, that I need all the help I can get -- and GTDGmail sure helps!

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