2006 in review: summarising 'our podcasting endeavours'.

Approaching the end of the year gives you, me and the other one a chance to review our podcasting endeavours. Since I only started in the medium 15 months ago I've had to negotiate a sharp learning curve from ignorance to a related form of bliss.>>

So what have I learnt?
  1. THAT microphones matter one hell of a lot.
  2. THAT you can establish your recording rig away from a computer and record great audio out and about as a matter of course.
  3. THAT no matter what they tell you about Sony HiMD 'walkman' type recorders these little beauties -- with their plug in power, automaticgain control,shallow compression, quick computer upload...when syncedwith the latest version of SonicStage software to handle the files..are, when purchased second hand, on eBay or on remainder -- the bestportable recording rigs available under $AUD300.
  4. THAT you can rely on Odeo as the best free and dependable resourceto store your uploaded mp3 files.Why pay when that service is so good?And besides, Ev and friends at Odeo just sent me a Christmas card.
  5. THAT good podcasting is about content, content, content.
  6. THAT despite its crude interface Lemon/Juice/Ipodder --or whatever it's allowed to call itself now-- is still the most reliable free podcatcher because it eschews all unnecessary bells and whistles. Alife without iTunes is a life indeed.
  7. THAT audio flash players have come a long way over the past 12 months.
  8. THAT when in doubt or confused about matters technological or procedural there's sure to be podcasting, RSS feed,audio or blogging forum somewhere on the web to generously answer your questions.
  9. THAT you can record OK audio over a analogue phone line using a dual stereo mic setup and a speaker phone.
  10. THAT all I want for Xmas is another microphone...and maybe a goodset of earphones.
APPENDIX: My Preferred Podcasts of 2006[A personal preference -- it's
a lifestyle thing]

Free Speech Radio News (pacif)
Democracy Now!)(pacif)
The Sound of Young America
In Our Time (BBC)
The Science Show(ABC)
The Bike Show(Resonance)
Never Not Funny
The Health Report(ABC)
The Media Report(ABC)
Harry Shearer's le show
Benjamin Walker's Theory of Everything (NPR)
This American Life
Background Briefing(ABC)
War News Radio
A World of Possibilities
The Folkways Collection
EcoShock News
The Blue Grass and Old Time Music Show
Radio Eye(ABC)
Sreet Stories(ABC)
PRX [Public Radio Exchange]

..the irony being that very few are standalone podcasts. But to capture a feel for these click here and explore their content.