All the news that fits between my ears

After a year of being both a podcast listener as well as a podcast creator I knows what I like I think I know what's good. And for news my daily intake is formatted by the following source media: >>
That's two and one half hours of audio news five days per week into my ears --and that's before I get to my other listen-ables! I have to rely on the web news feeds for my local Brisbane Queensland intake in text format.

I am stretched, as you can imagine, by the number of hours in each day: what with this and that as well as my podcast listening. Fortunately everything else I consume through the ear holes runs to at least a regular weekly schedule.

I have a dog and I take that said canine for walks.So while I'm engaged in listening I get to do other stuff: dog walks, shopping, cooking tea, lying down exhausted... But still, I have this burdensome task of not being blessed with speed listening, chipmunk style.

Nonetheless I recommend these programs. They are all everyday essentials if you want to keep up with the planetary happening from an Antipodean POV. My world comes to me c/o the anchoring voices of three women: Eleanor Hall, Amy Goodman, and Aura Bogado.

And now, I cannot imagine my life without these aural inputs.

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