Cajun two stepping into 2007

I have had a shit of a year physically. I began it crippled with a knee injury that lasted for almost 10 months; then I got an ingrown toenail and had circulatory issues with my lower extremities... It has been a bad year. I was crippled so much of it by immobility.The worst I've ever experienced in  way of physiological attributes ringing in sick. >>

"Teach me to dance, will you?"
Zorba:"Did you say... dance?... Go on my boy!"

My knee  injury occurred about January 3rd or 4th and while I'm not sure how it happened it coincided with my desire to dance. But not just any dance: I wanted to dance cajun style .

Dance has always figured large in my fam with my daughter being competition Irish step dancer. But Cajun's appeal -- and even zydeco (dance) at a pinch -- can be danced regardless of age and capacity to get strenuous. The irony is that I did my knee in at the  same time as I got an attack of the would be Zorbas.

But the plan was to form a Cajun/Zydeco dance club and every now and then hold a dance party.

So that scheme has been held in limbo for a year because I could not dance. But now, well, I'm hopeful and plan to resurrect the project. So here you'll be able to note the logged activities as I work up a bit of this and that in the hope that my knees -=-as well as the rest of my lower extremities --will behave.

Two girls Cajun dancing:

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