Carnival of Socialism

Now here's a darn good idea: and all in blog generated by those who, like myself, are of the socialistic persuasion. >>>

Mind you I'm not into blogs in a big way. Despite the fact that I have a creative hand in 23 of them ...I don't much read them. But of late there are a gaggle of British blogs I'm becoming quite addicted to. And some of these are part of this here Carnival of Socialism.

Maybe it would be better referred to as Carnivals of Socialism as all the more, the merrier, I'm sure... in a collective sense.

As it was writ large by Karl or Vladimir whatsit: "revolutions are carnivals / festivals of the oppressed..." That's something that now boasts a whole academe sub head unto itself, created by drawing often from the writings of Francois Rabelais .

I had a period in my life dedicated to such a mode: carnivalesque.

ME THINKS: If there can be 'Post Modernism' ; does 'Post Carnivalism'also exist?

Now I'm just plain Dave but if my Professor Ratbaggy persona has any political pretension, that was it.
"Professor" as in Punch and Judy Professor.
"Ratbaggy" as in "commie ratbag" and Ernie Carrol's Tarax Show character, Professor Ratbaggy.
If you were under fifty and didn't grow up in Melbourne in the fifties you wouldn't have a clue what I am referring to, would ya?
But Paul Kelly does...