Embedded video: Liam Mac Uaid shows the promise

I can be a creature of envy sometimes when I come across a little bit of something I too would like to emulate. Liam Mac Uaid runs a great blog HERE which as well as being templated so pristinely with a very useful column width -- also archives a series of fascinating videos. >>

I have before here on this blog, posted embedded video from Friends of the Scottish Socialist Party TV but Liam Mac Uaid has mastered the presentation issue of video very effectively I think.

The batch uploaded includes some fascinating presentations on EcoSocialism from a seminar run by Socialist Resistance.

I've only started to watch what's on offer so give me a few moments to get through all that is offered. However, for my money, this is one of the more exciting blogs on the left and I think I can -- even if you don't want to -- lean a lot from it.

So make sure you check it out.

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