Jo Bjelke Beattie and the Murunji death in police custody

The refusal of the Qld Dept of Public Prosecutions to press any charges over the death in police custody of Murunji has abhorred Qld Murris...

Update on this case: Bob Brown has called for a federally initiated royal commission into the case by making overtures to Brough in regard to his statements last week that were well to left of Beattie's rotten racist alliance with Qld coppers.

And Jo Bjelk Beattie -- says he will go to Palm and he has asked for a "please explain" from the Attorney Generals dept -- ie: changing his position from last week. Beattie's position had been (a) don't comment on the case (b) respect the umpire's decision. Beattie says his visit to Palm will be to explain to the Islanders why they need to respect the decision

At stake here is not only indigenous rights and racism but now the future status of the Dept of Public Prosecutions is in question as this and a few other cases (eg: swim coach Volkers, Pauline Hansen, a retarded aboriginal boy savagely bashed by a cop,etc)has spent its integrity . The significance of the DPP is that it is supposed to function as the the state's last line of defence from Qld returning to the bad old days of Bjelk Petersen corruption and government meddling in the judiciary.

Beattie has backed the Police Union and the commissioner all along thereby backing the policeman's-- Chris Hurley's-- "innocence" and the Police Union's grand standing which sabotaged the first coronial investigation -- refusing to have the policeman stood down while under investigation. He has pleaded "due process" but 'due process" hasn't got the Qld Murris not very much at all in way of redress.

But if you read the deputy coroners rept (see refs here as well as audio)

LeftCast link

-- a public document --and compare that to the DPP's decision and note that the DPP makes no excuses for the difference -- you have to wonder what planet they're on and who they are working for.

Rallies in Sydney and Brisbane are scheduled for next Wednesday and a petition can be signed here:

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and downloaded from here:

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Obviously this case has national ramifications as it goes to the heart of black deaths in custody and goes a long way in spending any credibility the ALP may have had in the indigenous community --despite Warren Mundine's position in that party.

--- Appendix:Brisbane rally details:


Rally 12noon Wednesday December 20 Queens Park (Cnr George/Elizabeth Sts, opp casino) March on state parliament

We demand:

* Suspend DPP Leanne Clare, independent review of decision not to charge Hurley

* Bring charges against Senior Sergeant Hurley to let a court determine his guilt or innocence

* Stop Black deaths in custody - implement the Royal Commission recommendations