The Ministry of Blogs

After being on the new Blogger for all of the last 12 hours (and part of that was sleepy bye byes) note that now I offer categories which I'll sync with my RawSugar guided search protocol.. The main problem with this change over is how much Google (which owns Blogger) can contain your web universe. Your other Google accounts are strung together in a rigid network such that anything you do outside this monopolization is treated as foreign activity. That's Google business strategy of course in the same way it was Microsoft's -- but it is very much a (Orwellian rather that a reality TV)Big Brother compound. >>

I sustain my independence by hanging onto my template and falling victim to its consequences I don't know about yet.But this side of your computer, folks, there's a lot of politicking going on as I too engineer my existence and chart my independence in survival mode.

The irony is that I bought this upon myself. Somewhere during 2005 I had the great notion to write every day on whatever seemed like a good idea at the time. That was the exercise and the plan was use this as a stepping stone to something else. Well, my step forward landed me in podcasting and into the poo of generating sundry other sites for comrades and friends.

I did the numbers last night and am the proud activist within a total of 27 blogs: mine, their's and the other one's. So when I shifted over to 'new' Blogger I had to shift over that number of children. Just call me Blogger Riley -- as in Bomber Beasley. I run the Ministry of Blogs with as much panache as that for Silly Walks...

It's a cure-all perhaps? You got issues...? Gripes? Bad breath? In a rut? Looking for a way out of your misery? Then what you need is a blog! Yesiree a blog will fix the planet, your love life and that nasty skin condition you've had for years. And it comes in a ready do it yourself compound home delivered and as close as the on/off switch on your computer.

So sign up today: get online and blog! Blog like there's no tomorrow! Blog as though your life depended on it! Blog with your fingers. Blog your clothes. Blog in your underclothes.
The irony is that I'm being treated as something of a blogging expert. Perhaps on Blogger I know my onions -- but consider how much out of my depth I am when the goal posts get changed so much with this New Blogger setup? I'm going to suffer status droop. So I'm hurting here, honeybums, I'm hurting. Have pity on this poor old blogger...

The bitter irony is that I'm not much of a blog reader. I am not one of those who begin their day's newsiness intake by snacking in the blogosphere. I can take 'em or leave 'em as I guess I'm a bit more warped toward ye old email discussion list with its penchant to foster trolls and bullshitters. (But they are the trolls and bullshitters you know rather than the trolls and bulshitters you don't know)

Since I'm so encased I tend to treat my political opinions lightly. I have them of course and I pontificate them -- but I don't so often do that here.I'm not much the political pundit.

That's because I'm so very shy and unassuming and my mother taught me to keep my political opinions to myself. This is true. I am not Pauline Hansen...You see the irony is that Life of Riley began life as a pompously pontificating column in Green Left Weekly and I could never be as pomposus, sanctimonious and as arrogant as blogs are. In those pre-blog days Life of Riley was exceptional. Today it seems almost passe.

Of course If I mange to recover my mojo and start getting seriously satirical again -- then I climb the steps of exceptionalism a bit and bathe in a new light.

So let's think about that: this blogger and thou. As I try, once again, to have a mordant view of a political process...