My kit and kaboodle: beyond the Hipster PDA

This is a visual exploration of my everyday rig. I realized that after going on about ways to keep to do lists and talking up any number of setups to do just that, I am in fact chronically addicted to systems hardware. I believe in the beauty and pure utility of tools . So herein is my everyday rig in text and images. >>

View slide show of rig set up:

[1] Hipster PDA
You've read about it here and here is the 3 inch by 5 inch wonder. A bit of plastic profiling the index cards back and front and a snazzy click and lockable ring holding it all in one place so that the cards flip to one side as notes are noted with the obligatory pen or pencil.

[2]Hipster PDA Tools
The problem with 3" x 5" (80 x 127mm) index cards is that the feint lines run landscape (longways across) rather than portrait (shortways across) so you are forced to purchase blank cards and make the best you can from the open spaces... unless, of course, you use packs of larger lined landscape index cards such as 8" x 5" (127x203mm) and cut them to the preferred smaller PDA size. You get two 3" x 5" cards out of one 8 X 5 with a little bit to spare which can be handy for book marks and fridge notes. So with 18 lines running across your card you've got no excuse not to be neat or formatted.

Then with your hole punch: top left corner -- punch out a hole.

[3]Belt, pouch & sundries
Before the Hipster PDA came along I had made a habit of kitting myself out with method in mind. So when out and about I wear a belt with a pouch. The pouch carries my wallet and loose change but from the belt I hang a fob watch which has a upside down dial so I can look down to it at my waist and read the time; a toggled lace from which I hang my trekking pole when I'm not using it to walk or when I am sitting down. I have two trekking poles and both are collapsible. I usually go out only with one but like all walking sticks when you are seated at a coffee shop in in a bus or train you need to secure them so that they don't trip other commuters up or you forget the walking device when you get up to leave the public conveyance. I just collapse the stick and thread it into my toggled lace such that its like carrying a sword in a scabbard.
Around my nick is the obligatory mp3 player always loaded up with my favourite podcasts. Not shown, threaded onto my right shoe, I carry a velcro holder for a spare AAA recharged battery.

I always wear a hat. Summer and winter models are different. I prefer peak, beret like, caps such as Kangol in Winter made from felt -- and in Summer I like a broad brimmed cotton hat something like a Akubra in shape but with large breath hole eyelets on each side. I gave up wearing Akubras because the pelts used were too darn hot for my noggin. Stuff the iconic image, they don't breath!

[4]Backpack & contents
As a creature of the sixties and a registered public transport type and foot soldier I'm addicted to wearing backpacks. I love the hands free style. Nowadays I carry the following basic items in my backpack: 3-4 zipped and folded 'green' shopping bags in case I actually do some shopping; a notebook and a pencil case with writing tools and the like.I also carry my podcasting/recording rig in my backpack but I will address that setup later. If it's threatening weather I also carry a folded umbrella.