Petition against Qld DPP decision on death of Mulrinji

This petition is in response to the DPP's disgusting decision to ignore the Deputy Coroners findings that police killed Mulrinji, and to accept that Mulrinji "fell" (getting 4 broken ribs and a liver split in two through the "fall"). >>

Either download it here, print it off and seek signatures on it OR go to the online petition and sign on.

Note from Paul Benedek & Sam Watson:

1. Print out and get as many signatures as possible by the time of the rally next Wednesday at noon. Send it around at work, in your neighbourhood, where ever you can.
2. Forward the petition to others who could collect names.
3. Bring the sheets to next Wednesday rally, or get them to someone who is going or post them to: PO Box 547, Fortitude Valley 4006.

Text of the petition
To: Queensland State Government

Petition regarding the refusal to lay charges relating to the death of Mulrinji

To: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland

We are outraged that the Director of Public Prosecutions, Leanne Clare, has failed to lay any charges against the police officer responsible for the death of Palm Island man Mulrinji on November 19, 2004. Less than 2 months previously, the Qld Deputy Coroner, Christine Clements, found that Mulrinji was beaten by Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley, such that he sustained 4 broken ribs and his liver was sliced
almost in two. The DPP's explanation (echoing the police) that Mulrinji "fell" is a completely unacceptable lie – contradicting the coroner, expert medical advice, and witnesses. Premier Beattie and Police Minister Spence's defence of the DPP's decision is disgraceful.

If allowed to stand, this inaction gives a green light for police to assault and kill Aboriginal people, knowing they will never be charged, even when a Coroner finds they caused another human beings death. This is a case of terrible racism and injustice.

We therefore demand from the house:

1. The immediate suspension of DPP Leanne Clare, her replacement with a new, independent DPP, and a judicial review into Clare's decision not to charge Senior Sergeant Hurley.
2. That the highest-level criminal charges be brought immediately against Senior Sergeant Hurley to allow a jury to determine his guilt or innocence.
3. A Royal Commission into all events surrounding the death of Mulrinji and subsequent investigations and actions, headed by Tony Fitzgerald QC.
4. Cease criminal charges and the push for custodial sentences against the Palm Islanders who understandably rose up in grief after the killing of their brother.
5. The immediate resignations of Premier Beattie and Police Minister Judy Spence, for backing the brutal actions of police ahead of justice for Aboriginal people.