I'm a Web 2.0 junkie and if you don't know what that means look it up. I used to be an email junkie but, you know, email is becoming sort of passe. So I'm into these new vistas and will try anything on offer and since it's usually free I lose nothing through the exercise.

I am, as you might guess, in the throws of retooling and in a rush of impulse and fiddling with my everyday widgets. So I've now gone back tom have another look at Protopage and experimenting with the new interface. This is me on Protopage thus far -- after a little tweaking and personalizing.

Is there a use value here that I can relate to? Maybe. It's all about Home pages -- you know the place where your browser first loads. They are also called start pages and I'm supposed to wonder whether I'll go with this or stick with my pristine Google Search engine as an opener. But hey, Protopage is wall to wall RSS feeds and that's a lot of power --and any number of OPML combinations.

My problem is that I've come to really appreciate the Google Reader so what do I need with another window for my RSS intake?

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