River Cruise a success

I am an occasional cook(actually I cook everyday, but sometimes I get real serious about the business) and now and then test my mettle by catering for bang up political affairs. So today I negotiated the challenge of designing a menu -- and preparing most of it -- for a feed to be had on board a ferry cruising along the Brisbane River. No kitchen. No refrigeration just two card tables and 80 plus mouths to feed.>>

If you are interested in such projects you can check out the where with all on my Cook Book Blog this is my DIY recipe archive as, after being a dedicated collector of recipe books for years, I now know that any recipe can be had from a web search and any recipe can be shared that way.

So listen up: if you want to know how I did that eggplant dish or what's my preferred version of dolmades (stuffed vine leaves) then I'll get around to posting these tasty how-tos there.

But on the river -- in situ as it were -- we all did well with the carousing and the music making such that I'm sure we made some well needed cash income for Green Left Weekly. as it was the ubiquitous GLW fundraiser -- and the serving of same repast went off without a hassle.