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I'm gonna take you for a tour of my WITB list capacity -- my to do list frenzy and rigs just as soon as I get the pictures taken.So expect a slide show. I've been tweaking my Hipster PDA setup like you wouldn't believe and am now the proud wearer of a snazzy piece of accessory hardware. >>

But it's like learning a new mental language that transcends my lacksidaisical experiments in the past. It's a challenge of habituation really.

Since I never know what level of dishevelment I am going to wake up with each morning I gotta find a way to make the best I can out of each day given that day's resource allocation in terms of physical capacity and cognition. But at this early stage I realise how prone I am to distraction so it's a journey among foibles for the sake of overcoming them.

Nonetheless, rather than get all PDA like here relative to a surfeit of GTD ideology and know how, I thought I'd recommend again the wonderful Wallnote. I've been using Wallnote for ten days now and have come to rely on its handy way of making lists -- any number of lists -- and keeping them in the one place to edit at will.

List making is an art -- the business of breaking down projects into do-able components is an art I'm gonna learn if only because I need the feedback to feel good about myself. And since I've had a shit pig of a year -- this year of our Lord 2006 -- I need a way to get away from this year's history of much physical pain, discomfort and chronic handicap...O me miserum, my friends, O me miserum!.

So if you are like me and want today to be the first day of the rest of your miserable life...sort of -- then give Wallnote (as in Wallnut) a try.

'Tis first aid.

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