Wiki while you work

TeachersFirst have taken their expertise in providing clear, concise and comprehensive guides to web topics for teachers and applied it to wikis. Check out what they have to say at their new Wiki Walk-Through. >>

For more information you may also go to Mark Wagner "Wikis while you Work: an Introduction to Wikis in education"(excellent video presentation -- length 00:60:00).

Also you may need this link: WikiWhileYouWork and this site is also referenced : hmtech.

I've set up my own Ratbag Radio wiki and am exploring its utility. I've also set up a wiki for a couple of Socialist Alliance localities, like here in Brisbane.

I'm not sure what the future use of wikis will be in way of socialist politics and collaboration but unless you interact, and get wiki savy, you won't know will you? The problem is that you need others to interact at the wiki coal-face with. So for wikis to work you need wiki users--like you!