Updating the jew's harp

I've been working through my musical options for the upcoming re-launch of LeftCast. I knew I wanted to continue with my own habit of opening my programming with the sound of the jew's harp --usually with me playing it improvisationally (and not very well). But this time around I went looking for someone who could really play the instrument.>>

Along comes Danibal a Dutch performer on the j-harp who contacted me after I put an appeal out to the Jew's Harp Guild.
Danibal is one of the few devoted Jew's harp players in the Netherlands. Rooted in pop culture of the 90's, but fell in love with this ancient instrument. His approach is playfull and inventive. Minimalistic music with hinches of alpine folk, acoustic noise and (overtone) singing. Danibal is the vocalist of Dial Prisko. A band from Utrecht (NL) Quirky and Melancholical sometimes blend together.
Jew's harp? Pop culture? Perhaps you are wondering what an archaic and usually folky instrument like the j-harp is doing inside pop?

For an answer check out Danibal's wonderful music and visit him on MySpace.

I'll be featuring Danibal playing the mondharp on LeftCast. But to broaden your feel for how modern the music that can be generated on j-harp is, check out the documentary below, shot at an international jew's harp festival and featuring Danibal.