Blogging conference to be held in Brisbane

Here's a note from the local senator for the Dems, Andrew Bartlett, on a blogging conference to be held in Brisbane. >>.

If you are interested in blogs and blogging, I’d recommend trying to get along to the Australian Blogging Conference, being held in Brisbane on Thursday, 8th March. Unlike most conferences these days, it should not cost much to register. Another plus is that it will be at the fabulous venue of the newly renovated State Library on Brisbane’s Southbank. The program’s still a bit tentative - I’ll be speaking, but it will certainly cover a much wider range than just political blogs. The plan is for the format to be much more interactive than the usual conference ‘sit and listen to lots of speeches‘ format – (rather like a blog is more interactive that reading a newspaper article). There will be more details available soon, but you can read a bit more about the format and tentative schedule at this (pdf) link.